What an amazing game of Bughouse! Aronian + Wadim Rosenstein vs Wesley So + Praggnanandhaa | Semis

On the last day of the WR Chess Masters 2023, the organizers put together a bughouse tournament for all the participants! It was an amazing atmosphere with all the players chilled out and enjoying the games. Reaching the semi-finals was amazing duo of Praggnanandhaa and Wesley So taking on Wadim Rosenstein and Levon Aronian.

Some rules that you should know about this format of Bughouse:
1. Players can discuss with their partners and also suggest moves.
2. Touch and move doesn’t exist and a move is completed only when clock is pressed.
3. You can place a piece with a check as well as on the 8th rank but you cannot place it as a checkmate.
4. You can promote a pawn to the final rank and take a piece from the neighbouring board!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 1:04 thats an early mate, put that queen on H2…😂😂

  2. Aronian missed mate in 1 with q@h2. Pragg missed several mates, the most obvious being q@e1. Maybe they had some strange rule where you can't place mate instead of normal bug.

  3. looks like aronian beats 2 gms at the same time

  4. I hope that no one refers to Pragg as talented youngster amongst pro adults anymore. He is one of the professional adults in his own right with all the experience he has!

  5. Bughouse is the most fun variation of Chess for me.

  6. This is by far the most I have seen Pragg speak 😄

  7. Pragg is so vocal and competitive at BugHouse

    Hard to believe these talented youngsters are competing at the same level as professional adults 🤩

  8. Pragg was more upset of losing bughouse than any other international match😂Lol

  9. Two things I learned from this video

    1. What Bughouse chess is?
    2. That Pragg can talk this much.

  10. At :59 why can’t Aronian play Q@h2#? Are you not allowed to place a piece for mate?

  11. Why did Wesley take Wadim's Queen on d1 and then Praggnanandhaa placed a Black queen on C1?? I've also never seen where one can also take a piece as you airdrop like Praggnanandhaa did on d2. All this in the first game.

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