Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess

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#ludwig #magnuscarlsen #chess


  1. Ludwig didn’t know how to sacrifice THE ROOOOOOOOOOOKKK

  2. Id never thought id hear the best chest player in the world say the phrase "Just for the memes."

  3. Bro can just call up grandmasters and use them to cheat

  4. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    Anyone know where I can watch vod of the full games? The cuts are leaving me wanting XD

  5. magnus's roasts sound like the nicest way to sy im better than u and i dont need to say it

  6. Why is this so good?!!! YouTube algorithms working wonders!

  7. Magnus Carlsen: Always one slacker in the class.
    Me: ELO 500

  8. Magnus and Ludwig: PAWN H4!!!
    Magnus after pawn h4: YES! YES!

  9. I swear to god i heard Alexandra say “ Andrea termina” which means andrea stop. Ayo why she speaking exactly like a romanian person if she’s from Canada?

  10. 8:43 couldve moved pawn to f6 white takes with pawn queen to h2 and thats check

  11. Magnus so cute i wanns see him hit 2900 and set the bar so high no one gets it

  12. They don’t realize what magnus did with the king move at the beginning. If you don’t know moving your king is almost a form of disrespect towards your opponent because you are handicapping yourself almost saying that your opponent is gonna need it

  13. bro called magnus carlsen the best of all time what about bobby fischer

  14. oh, just noticed the zelda music. love it


  16. Bro was just asking Magnus to do every move

  17. GG. Cheating is wrong unless it is your frnd
    -Levy Rozman

  18. Ludwig looks who they would cast to play Magnus in a Magnus documentary

  19. Tell magnus he needs to do a meet’n’greet and play three games against three lucky people

  20. at this point it aint cheating, its more like getting your older brother to play for you

  21. 18:00 should have taken via pawn so if black rook takes pawn would've been promoted to queen no?

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