The Most Intense Bug House Chess Ever | Arjun and Bibisara vs Tabatabaei and Sankalp

The current Women’s World Blitz Champion was at the Dubai Open 2023 and as the players finished their games, they played some fun variants but was it just for fun? Watch the video to see the game intensifying as it progressed but the players made sure they enjoyed it.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I would definitely watch a bughouse world championship. That would be sick

  2. Coitado do tabatabaei jogou sozinho kkkkkkkkk

  3. Sahi hai hai iska kuch doubles mix doubles type tournament karana chahiye

  4. Arjun can be a world champion in bug house too actually

  5. Did anyone felt a slight bullying towards Sankalp by Amin?

  6. that promotion rule was weird. never seen it before in bughouse

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