The Insanity of Top Level Bughouse Chess

Hikaru reacts to top level GMs (Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Gary Kasparov, Levon Aronian) playing Bughouse (Doubles) Chess

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  1. Hey FAGamura it helps to mention that u can ONLY place pieces on UNOCCUPIED squares. . .🙄🙄🙄

  2. I guess the old timers are not familiar with bughouse except Levon. And the Indians are good, US not good.

  3. @5:51, why doesn't Magnus snap the rook, keeping the knight and the threat of inserting a pawn (or a queen) at f2, instead of trading the knight for a bishop and getting bupkus? If Fabiano seals the hole Magnus can sack the knight on f2 again. These guys are fish compared to top-level internet bughouse players.

  4. Hikaru and I were NYS Bughouse champions… I want to say in 1999 or so. Hope all is well -Raphael Loberant

  5. The speed and general vibes are just like the bughouse matches I used to play in trips to local chess tournaments when I was a teen… minus the living chaos and all the screaming.

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