Road to 2700 Bughouse with GM Jon Ludvig Hammer on (Dual Commentary)

Got the chance to team up with GM Jon Ludvig Hammer again and this time… with us both incall and commentating! Check out our series against tough opponents and the random pool!

Yup, I know this is a long video! But I know you guys prefer when I don’t cut it into parts hahaha.

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at


  1. Hammer is quite strong, definitely not 1900 strength just bc of his speed

  2. Could be a deadly duo of JLHs classical skills and your ch/bh skills

  3. Would have enjoyed seeing GM Hammer pick your brain about the theory a bit more. I'm only a third of the way through though.

    Also, damn you're on fire. Now you don't care about your rating it's insanely high. Maybe there's a lesson there.

  4. Watching JLH resort to classical chess in Bughouse is hilarious 😂

  5. Great content, wish I knew about your channel sooner!

  6. Yeah, we really need some advice on what's going on in crazyhouse! Even the scoring thingy is super confusing. Everything is confusing. I'm confused.

  7. I can understand the frustration but why is it bad etiquette to force repetition to gain time and convert the win? I see it as the person who is in a position that is vulnerable to a perpetual as having made a costly mistake in bughouse. It is not local to online premoves it can happen OTB too.

  8. For when an on the road to 2,800 with Hammer? Reach for the sky!

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