“Push Push!” Anish Giri to Gukesh | Doubles Chess | AG + Guki vs Pragg + Vincent

At the end of the WR Chess Masters 2023, all the players unwinded in the VIP room. What do chess players do to relax? Play more chess! Check out this crazy 10 seconds + 1 second increment game between Anish Giri + Gukesh vs Praggnanandhaa + Vincent Keymer. It was filled with so much fun and energy!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Did you enjoy the video? We have the rematch video as well? We will release it if this video hits a 1000 likes!

  2. These are the things that haveto be shown in commentary breaks, this 2 minute clip shows how much fun the game can be, and how the players are outside the 64 squares ❤❤

  3. Ils s'amusent comme des adolescents. Et pourtant ces garcons sont des GM.

  4. bro insane how they move so quickly but their moves are still good, like Nd7 Nc5 Ne6, insane reactions

  5. Kuch smjh nhi aya lekin dekh ke achha laga

  6. Nodirbek and Esipenko besides them- "We're gonna pretend nothing's happening here"

  7. Hopefully theres a doubles between Magnus + Anish & Hikaru + (any other top chess player – Vidhit / Praggna )

  8. Wow, this is why I love chess.

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