Playing Crazyhouse and Bughouse with TwelveTeen on

Some Crazyhouse games with commentary on our thought processes! Then some bughouse:

helmsknight + 12teen vs. xshyne + chickencrossroad


  1. Make a video playing with viewers.A few games on bughouse will be great.Or just normal chess.Upto you.Great video btw.Keep updating.We want more.

  2. You have such a nice voice. Could fall asleep to you commentating. Which I've said to JannLee before also, by the way. Good thing the crazyhouse community has you two to compensate for atro's old man croak

  3. Are you done streaming stuff from other websites? Most streamers aren't allowed to stream other sites so I figured I'd ask. If so I'll be sorry to see an (obnoxious, shitty, for-profit) website like replace lichess and FICS on your channel, but I'm sure I'll still watch your content.

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