Overqualified People Play Chess For Ants | Hikaru, Giri, Rozman & Radjabov w/ Chaturaji variant

During the 4 Player stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Anish Giri, GM Teimour Radjabov and IM Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess play the Chaturaji variant of 4p chess

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  1. the banter is top tier. Also, when in doubt the best winning move against Anish is to pull out some delicious smelling food

  2. This is the opposite of me, I'm completely underqualified

  3. Its not a job to be on Twitter, Youtube's where its at.

  4. First name starts with an A and last name starts with G is so annoying

  5. To have the cams rotated CCW from the pieces and then the turn order CW is so confusing

  6. Such great quotes as "without the king you cannot play" to a group of masters at various levels

  7. The only game mode where the bong cloud is meta

  8. It's always nice to see Hikaru really enjoying socializing while playing chess with other chessplayers.

  9. Blue guy keeps talking…if i were to play at that game… I would've leave lol

  10. 3/4 chess masters speak Russian confirmed

  11. There is so much diversity in the video.
    1 guy from Indian, nepalese ancestry now a dutch.
    1 guy from russian ancestry now an american.
    1 guy from japanese ancestry , also an american.

  12. Kinda feel bad for Rozman expecting to get roasted for being a IM, wonder if it has something to do with the supposed elitism in chess.

  13. Anish is pretty annoying I gotta admit. Seems like he tries too hard. I would definitely have a hard time chilling out with him, personality clashes too much.

  14. 2:08
    Radjabov: yeah I know I know I am thinking…
    AG: about the move or the responsibility?
    Radjabov: about the responsibility to move(!)

    intelligent people convos and jokes

  15. Radjabov: why are we speaking English then lol

  16. two chess GMs:
    Radjabov: wait, without the king you cannot play?
    Levy: yep. (thinking that's a genuine question (or is it actually…?))
    AG: welcome to the reality of chess, without the king, you cannot play, coz you have nothing protect…
    Radjabov: oh man.
    AG: …no one to fight for.
    Radjabov: that's sad.

    this is somewhat deep, but also something resembling some high level humour


  18. weird thing is the less pieces there are, the more complicated it can get

  19. Not to brag but I can totally blunder my king a lot faster than that 😎

  20. At 7:20 the TRadjabov (bottom left) looks like he's eating a banana hahahaha 🤣

  21. Anish: Vibing
    Gothem: getting bullied by Hikaru and Radja
    Hikaru and Radja: bullying Gothem

  22. Lol favorite group of chess players so far

  23. I loved this😍…I couldn't stop laughing!!😂😅

  24. If someone says "I know" after someone tells them it is their move they really didn't know.

  25. I don't know English, I don't know 4's chess, but I still laugh and enjoy watching these 4 masters in good spirits.

  26. 3:17 “did you just lose your king?”

    pawn takes king.. checkmate?

    another good one 6:03 “i don’t understand whats going on here, im just moving the pieces”

    im glad we have some quality grandmaster banter to listen to

  27. 4:13 I love how Levi is so used to being around Hikaru that when someone asks about his rank he immediately expects an insult, lol

  28. Why are the players rotated differently than their quadrants on the board? So annoying

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