How to Play Bughouse Chess with 4 Female Chess Streamers

Me, the Annas and Nemo Tried to Play Bughouse Chess

Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya, Woman FIDE Master Anna Cramling,
International Master Anna Rudolf and Woman Grandmaster Nemo Zhou got together to try to figure out how to play Bughouse chess.

Bughouse is a chess variant that is played by four players divided into two teams of two players each. Once you capture one of your opponent’s pieces, you can give that piece to your partner.

More about Bughouse Chess :

Anna Cramling 👇 @Anna Cramling
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Anna Rudolf 👇 @Anna Rudolf
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Nemo Zhou 👇 @akaNemsko
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  1. Epic. I did one of my best artworks for this. 🙂

  2. why only 9 minutes do you want to prompt us to watch rest of it on twitch or something? though I like this girl team I won't watch it. You evil evilkaya


  4. So much fun to see 4 titled players play bughouse, game to the right was WILD

  5. WGM Dina is so gorgeous :3 Hope everyone is having an excellent day and an excellent rest of the week as well! saludos de México; take care and stay safe!

  6. Thanks Dina! I remember when I was introduced to this in Buffalo, NY (we called it team chess) waaaay back in the day…Kings were always being checkmated in the middle of the board!

  7. Dina can say any word and I fall in love with her cuteness. I don't want to throw her off her style though. Her personality is great. I'm rooting for ya girl.

  8. real cool, it's been forever since I've played bug house

  9. Is this an old video?…cuz anna cramling is playing in chess Olympiad

  10. Would love to see the 4 of you play 4 player chess

  11. Dina Belenkaya turned her back on her country, it seems that some people never understand that logic means nothing without truth.UNSUBSCRIBED🇷🇸💙🇷🇺

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