Hikaru vs. Gotham: FOG OF WAR Chess Variant

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GothamChess and @GMHikaru test out the new variants area on chess.com and play some Fog of War, recently played on YouTube also by @eric-rosen. Other variants are 4 Player Chess, Self-Capture, No Castle…

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  1. This chess variant is playable and spectacular, and also funny. Incomplete information is very good idea. I want to see a real tournament of this game

  2. When Hikaru looks up thinking… you know your end is near.

  3. Diagonal fow for pwns doesn't matter because if it's dark you know there's no piece.

  4. "I don't think you should castle the king"
    Ok, I'll castle the knight instead

  5. Hikaru: knows where most of gothams pieces are
    Viewer: knows where all gothams pieces are

  6. Hikaru is not a five head, he's a 5^5^5 head

  7. Ah, yes. Fog of war chess. The only time in chess where it's justifiable to say "Maybe he doesn't see it"

  8. It's really cool of Hán Xin to release another update to the game.

  9. From start to finish, I knew absolutely nothing. xD

  10. This is super interesting. I think this is more fun to watch than normal chess.

  11. Why didnt u capture the king with the rook in the 2nd game like huh

  12. Can we please see some engines play this version? I'd love to see computers devise the least calculate-able openings where half the game is not verses bot deliberately trying to hide their pieces.

  13. These guys are just too smart – I honestly can’t even comprehend how hikaru is processing all that

  14. “But I didn’t have that information” yeah that’s kinda the whole point

  15. Game 2 move 25 why didnt levy capture the king?

  16. You can almost hear Hikarus brain thinking

  17. Reveal plays are much more important in this variant

  18. I wonder how this would work if I used a Phantom Chess Board to play this . Would your pieces register and move on the board in front of me

  19. 1:20 Hikaru's face goes from "he'll never know what hit him" to "WTF just happened?".

  20. I saw Hikaru look up and started to think and I knew the game was over

  21. 8:49 When you realize you've been studying for the wrong test the whole weekend:

  22. At first I saw Levy at 1500 and was like Pepe da Frog but then I saw Hikaru at 1400 at fell in a coma. But then I realized it was variants… so you start from 400…

  23. The fact that I had this idea decided it was dumb and disregarded it and it’s an actual thing

  24. 11:22 AM I MISSING SOMETHING???? why didnt he take the king?

  25. Levy: I think your pieces are on-

    Hikaru: That’s alot of information, because pf that I can checkmate you in 12 moves in this position

    Only in the Fog Of War chess variant

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