Hikaru vs. Gotham: FOG OF WAR Chess Variant

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GothamChess and @GMHikaru test out the new variants area on chess.com and play some Fog of War, recently played on YouTube also by @eric-rosen. Other variants are 4 Player Chess, Self-Capture, No Castle…

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  1. ok, super late to the party, but after rewatching 2 years later, why are some of the dark squares levy can see a darker green, is that telling of something, or a bug? (a prime example being at 8:02 g3 and f4 despite visible to the pawns are as dark if not darker than the fog dark squares)

  2. I wanna see Levy playing 5D Multiverse time travel chess – Hikaru tried, but failed to understand the rules for how pieces move across timelines / into the past and how to checkmate from present into the past

  3. so they basically played league of legends

  4. Never heard of fog of war chess. I need to check this out!

  5. Fog of war is legit like the real fog of war. No matter how smart you are it get confusing asf

  6. I actually prefer to play play fog of war in person.

  7. fog war basically forces ypu to defend every piece cuz you never know what's coming

  8. This is the one place where sacking something pays off a lot because you find the enemy's structure and plan, roughly.

  9. Reminds me of the Princess Bride : the poison must be in this cup!

  10. This is how chess was meant to be played. The only modification I'd make is leave an imprint of where you last saw a piece – so you still only see what your pieces see, but you know where a piece was last seen also, like a scouting report. It would also help keep track of enemy pieces you've already taken.

  11. Atomic and 3 check. There's easy to understand and fun to play 🙂

  12. Catch me at 11:25 screaming at the screen “STOP HAVING A STROKE AND TAKE THE KING!”

  13. Hikaru sounds like Minecraft villagers whe he goes "Ha" as he thinks!

  14. this is way too high level for me to understand lol

  15. Was seeing some many king sneel attacks for the 2nd game made me wanna cry

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