Hikaru Gets Mated in 6 Moves in Atomic Chess!!

Watch Hikaru learn Atomic Chess Theory
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  1. 14:06 Did anyone saw that after Ng4 there is Bf7# mate?
    -It looks like Hikaru thought that he can play after being mated-
    -And people, mate ends the game.-
    Sorry, I checked the rules, I'm not right

  2. I get to say I’m higher rated than hikaru

  3. I could not stop cracking up at Hikaru repeatedly saying the phrase "explode me"

  4. 10:05 I knew it was atomic just forgot about the exploding part 😂❤

  5. All of the pieces are suicide bombers

  6. Alt title : hikaru gets blown in ways he could never imagine

  7. as a 1900, i completely understood this video. it was very suboptimal and caused me much pain.

  8. He’s that good, his blunders are so rare that he makes whole videos about them

  9. This episode is just him missing mate in 2 basically

  10. So many missed checks in one, i must be retarded

  11. My favorite comment: "Imagine queuing for a casual, fun game of atomic chess and matching with Hikaru." lmao

  12. 6:37 I am a self proclaimed atomic Grand Master and that move made me extremely mad

  13. That would be amazung if Hikaru tried fpschess

  14. 14:07 knight g4 is not winning because white has checkmate in one with the bishop

  15. Atomic is a fun variant.
    Duck/block chess is the worst.

  16. The fact that the intro show the opposite of the title start to tilt me :))

  17. I think it would be cool if hikaru tried Omega Chess it's my favorite chess variant

  18. The one mode where f pawn moves make sense

  19. 30:37 Pretty sure this is not true and Hikaru could not pronounce it more wrong. Just check google translate

  20. Bc I have 100 million power in rise of kingdoms I can move queen from d4 to d69

  21. honestly… in this variant, castling might be kinda bad since you want your king to have some space, unless you alr push the pawns

  22. Makes me feel like a genius when I see stuff Hikaru doesn’t. Only in atomic though lol

  23. What's bad about playing this is that your instinct on regular chess game is now screwed up.

  24. “Yeah that’s what an explosion sounds like just in case you didn’t know” 😂

  25. You definitely had mate in 3 at 6:34 with rd8 ke7 re8 and take the pawn on next move

  26. Why does hikaru in the intro have the austrian Flagge and plays vs someone with the german Flagge?

  27. Если ты станешь киберспортсменом по атомным шахматам?

  28. If you start with a knight move you basically guarantee yourself a winning advantage and are therefore a coward 😤

  29. 6:36 he really did have mate with rd8 ke7, re8 king anywhere and take the pawn. If the king goes to f7 take the rook

  30. This is the easiest variant where usual chess players can checkmate GMs

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