Hikaru Gets Mated in 6 Moves in Atomic Chess!!

Watch Hikaru learn Atomic Chess Theory
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  1. so lemme get this straight. when people blow up thats bad. but when cheese pieces blow up thats really fun?? sus

  2. question, wouldnt rook h7 explode pawn and rook which would make you have 1 pawn more then the opponent and a pawn would has nothing blocking its path in game 1? anyways wouldve beeh up 1 pawn if you do not promote.

  3. 10:56 someone in the chat
    "Black pieces make bigger explosions" 💀💀

  4. is this how chess got cancelled for afghanistan affiliate

  5. Hi Kari once said “he has qf3”

  6. This is more like Terrorist chess 😂
    And Levy with his rook sac is gonna be so much entertainment

  7. Imagine playing atomic and realizing you’re playing hikaru:

    “I’M PLAYING HIKARU! Wai wtf this is atomic”

  8. @GMHikaru Stockfish says to move knight kingside first. Why?

  9. me: i dont need it , i dont need it , i neeed it! "AND MAKES A JOKE ABOUT HIROSHIMA AND NAGAZAKHI OR MAKES JOKE ABOUT KAMIKADZZE"

  10. this mode blows

    hah, get it?

  11. That feeling when hikaru misses a mate in 3

  12. Hikaru mates more than he explodes the king

  13. In 14:09 Knight G4 was a blunder because Bishop F7 was mate

  14. ok now use intercontinental missile gambit in atomic

  15. queens and knights are literally walking atomic bomb in this variation, need a nerf

  16. 8:50 wouldn't it be a win for black if it moves in the diagonal instead of straight?

  17. I was the former #1 player in atomic in the world before retiring. Why the game is not technically "solved," white can basically force a draw at will if they desire to do so. The game is much more imbalanced towards white than normal chess. Theory is also extremely critical in this variant (atomic).

  18. At 16:35 could he play rd1 check, rb1 check and rb4 capturing pawn thus exploding the queen? This game mode looks really fun.

  19. It’s “on poson” sort of

  20. as a former 2300 atomic player… poor hikaru 🙂

  21. "I missed G5?, Jaja, You guys are Hilarious". Ha, you are (also thought he missed it lol).

  22. When pawn captures, only the capturer and captured explodes, and the surronding pieces don't, in any case between captures, pawns don't get exploded when surronding captures occur.

  23. And you can't believe what happens next!

  24. Petition to rename this variant to Oppenheimer Chess

  25. Chat was right, you had mate in 2 at 6:35. Rook D8, if King E7 then rook E8 and wherever the king goes you take the pawn and win. If king F7 then you just take his rook and win

  26. hikaru is a grandmaster in ordinary chess yet becomes an intermediate when a single aspect of the game is changed

  27. 13:30 Хикару, я рассплакался от такого 😢

  28. yk without the context of chess, the title Hikaru Gets Mated in 6 Moves is wild

  29. 9:46
    wait, I don't understand.. if kg4, qf3, kf2# win the game right?

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