High Level Bughouse Chess with GM Jon Ludvig Hammer

Had the awesome opportunity to play some bughouse chess games partnered up to GM Jon Ludvig Hammer! Check out are games played against the random pool 🙂

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at


  1. I love bughouse and i love the london system, so i subscribe!

  2. I like Bughouse, in mexico we call it Espartaco, in Spain Pasapiesas. XD

  3. What FIDE rating are you, and how long have you been playing chess? 🙂

  4. Big Fan of both your Channels
    This game introduced me to your channel and subscribed right away

  5. Wish we could hear hammers commentary as well! Found your channel through his and defintely feel like you both deserve more viewers! Subscribed

  6. hello I love ur videos Im trying to improve in bug and ur channel is the best 🙂

  7. FINALLY!!!!!! Youtube has some new bug videos lol. Why does no one record bughouse hahahaha. Geat vids hope there is loads more to come 😉

  8. Im your fans, plz teach me how to beat player with rating 2000+?

  9. Ohhhmikey she is beautiful and intelligent!! <3

  10. I knew Hammertime would be good at this. He always has a lot of pieces, but he does not use alot of them.. Is that to avoid tradeing back to your opponent? Just out of curiosity?…

  11. great instructions! (quick hello from eaglemorphy) 🙂

  12. i know this was over 4 years ago but if you can still see this: when you promote a pawn, and you know your opponent is going to capture it immediately, wouldnt it be better to not make a queen? because that would jsut give your teamates opponent a queen when you could just give them a bishop or something.

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