High level bughouse 16 – helmsknight and ChickenCrossRoad vs VABORIS and JannLee

An awesome bughouse marathon of 100 matches over 4+ hours between some of the strongest players in the world! This is an action packed session with plenty of quality games and banter – great fun to produce this one!


  1. many congrats on the happy news jann, i'm thrilled for you :))

  2. Kazim and Chicken both look like they're waiting in line at the DMV

  3. Don't think ChickenCrossRoad is familiar with losing so often. He seemed annoyed.

  4. I wonder about a combination of crazy and bug:
    the pieces you capture appear to the use and profit of your partner, but ALSO at your disposal.
    Crazybughouse? Or bugcrazyhouse?

  5. Yoo chickencrossroad strong as hell but kinda a wanky partner lmao

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