Good night chess ft. Vidit + UNACADEMY REVELATION





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  1. It was price which VD paid just to get that package from UNACADAMY via this comedian; whose toxic fan base already started spreading hate for VD in other chess professionals chat? thats why VD wanted unrated match?

  2. Really missed these streams of only vd and samay…the way all of this chess streams things became popular and mainstream ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. You both have the BEST EVER UNDERSTANDING ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Guys who are angry that samay won against VD please calm down. Samay literally gave VD only 15 sec without pre moves too. It was just for fun. Ab koi insaan apne dost ke saath enjoy bhi nhi kar skta kya. Relax guys .

  5. It can't be a coincidence that Samay was so keen in calling Mallika Sherawat and Zakir quietly destroyed his dream

  6. I don't know but I feel good when I see vidit and samay together on stream

  7. Some people using comedian word as disrespect and talking about respect. First learn to respect every profession. A comedian has the power to bring smile on people's face. Every profession is good.

  8. U guys are so good friends…..i love u guys

  9. Lagta h ab Samay ko bhi series start krna pdega Understandig Jokes with Samay Raina.

  10. 37:58 Brand plug-in starts here… It was smooth by the way… Didn't see that coming… Perfectly blended

  11. idk log hate kyu spread krrha hai….. Vd is a professional chess player (GM) ,aur Samay is a comedian nd a streamer he just likes to play chess…aur ye match koi serious nhi kyu log ultasidha bake ja rhe hai…

  12. I can say this a million times, Samay and Vidit together are l o v e
    The understanding they have, no one can ever get.

  13. All those talking abt toxic fans.. Know tht this is internet ppl of every kind are on it. The content creators know tht they are going to get negative comments from some ppl nobody can stop tht… So relax let ppl do whatever they want . U do ur duty of spreading love and not giving attention to these negative ppl or toxic fans or haters.. Ignorance is bliss

  14. samay n vidit bromance is the cutest thing happened to us in 2020 😭❤ whenever they're together just dil khush ho jata hai yaar 💞 None comes close to the bond they've 😍 the way they support, get concerned n possessive n troll each other is just soo cutee 😋😋 just get married you two haha 👉👈 🙊😂 touchwood touchwood 😇

  15. Has Samaya defeated Tania
    in 10min rapid recently?

  16. Hey, if someone wants to join unacademy plus and have some doubts regarding its features, then ask me. I'm a plus user at IITJEE goal

  17. Samay have became BM Blunder mAster…..❤️Congo Samay…….❣️

  18. Samay don't take this like I am jealous or something. But your blitz and bullet rating are low compared to rapid. Rapid increased. Mera bhi 1400 se 1800 ho gua hai toh apko jitna lg rha hai apka improvement hua hai wo hua nhi. Sorry 😭😭. Blitz mai 1600 kro and prove me wrong I Know u can. I had to prove myself. I am 1800+ in rapid bullet and blitz but I Know rapid wala I don't deserve

  19. Say my name say my name yeah
    I made desi rap WrestleMania 🔥

  20. Samay you are a cheater if you are strong then 15 sec Vs 15 sec

  21. It's really treat to watch u two having fun together ♥️♥️ ! Plz do such streams
    Love u both♥️✌️

  22. Vidit always saying Mujhe khuch ni dkh ra dkh ra…..😂

  23. candyman = unacademy samay ka sabse bad experience brand work hai

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