GM Nils Grandelius and JannLee – Crazyhouse and Bughouse Chess

Special guest and very talented GM Nils Grandelius joins for a dual stream! We play some crazyhouse against each other, team up for some bughouse and of course have a laugh with a good sense of humour throughout!


  1. very cool and Niels is also known in bughouse world and of course he knows Linus Olsson

  2. As always thanks for those videos Jann, really cool lives !

  3. Jann Lee is the Devon Larat Larratt of zh

  4. 30 :14 Sicilian has actually became a bit famous ! I believe ciw plays it a lot, some other good players too . Often black don't castle and start an attack with h5 and bd6. It's just to avoid other lines but still interesting to me

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