GM Hikaru plays some CrazyHouse Chess

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  1. You are my favorite chess player.

  2. Can Nakamura play shogi? If you're good at one chess, does that also translate into other variants?

  3. How long do you think he'd have to train to beat Jan and opperwezen?

  4. look how far Hikaru has come and how much he's done for the chess community

  5. Plot twist: Andrew Tang is running for president

  6. This guy plays chess all the time I don't think he can become a successful streamer

  7. So basically this is like the shogi version of chess

  8. Hikaru should definitely do this again, or maybe on Lichess even.

  9. Hi, I really want to see you playing bughouse live, your thoughts during game, tactics or something like that. Loved this content too btw

  10. I want to ask something too, in ur last game i think or previous one, you put g@6 while your queen was on h4, if he take with h pawn hxg6 u go N@g5 and if he could go to e7 what would you play there I wondered

  11. Crazyhouse is deeper than normal chess, ı love that

  12. newly subs. here master Hikaru.. im a fan since i know how to play chess.. 😊😊

  13. "I lost because I didn't see he had 2 knights"

    Proceds to get checkmated with just one…

  14. With two rooks, two bishops, one queen, and an ever-omnipresent octopus knight, this game is definitely crazy.

  15. Great crazyhouse play! Strong. Quick thought process after Bg5 at 1:06

  16. I’m no pro here, but at 1:36 isn’t Nxd1 and when white takes back with a rook Ng3+ winning since after said check you can use the bishop to take the rook. It’s a trade of 2 knights and a bishop for a queen and a rook in crazyhouse

  17. Why is no1 playing crazyhouse…a true MASTERPIECE, freedom of chess!?

  18. Me a 2600 rated shogi And a 2200 Is rated crazy house player thinking I can beat hikaru… how naïve

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