“For the first time I saw Gukesh as a human!” – Anish Giri | WR Masters Round-up interview

Anish Giri finished the WR Masters 2023 with a score of 4.0/9. It was not something that he was proud of. But as Anish mentions in this interview, things could have been so much different had some of the things gone his way. He had better and close to winning positions against Gukesh, Esipenko, Nodirbek and was unable to convert any of them into a win. But interviews with Anish are always so insightful. The Dutch no.1 talks about his philosophy of a tournament coming to an end and how he is always happy, his daily routine at an event, how things have changed since his childhood and the hilarious part about bughouse and how Wadim Rosenstein decided to organize this event. Don’t miss this amazing interview.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Anish is always happy like his counterpart from the photo

  2. Anish is the most likable chess player,period.

  3. 5:55 , the moment Anish says "For the first time I saw Gukesh as a human!"

  4. share the series ……….. don't left us hanging

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