Fog of War Chess | GM Hikaru’s First Ever Game

GM Hikaru Nakamura learns how to play Fog of War vs IM Levy Rozman


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  1. doesn't Hikaru just look possessed when he's looking up in the sky.

  2. Imagine hikaru streaming god of war 3 💀

  3. "Okay but levy why are you so bad at this game?"

  4. Hikaru: whats your strat?
    Levi: Strat?😅

    It seems to me Fog of War strat is closer to real war strat, instead of chess game strat🤔

  5. “Ok but then levy why are you so bad at the game”

  6. Every time Hikaru made a crazy move Levi couldn’t help but freak out 😂😂love Levi

  7. hilary saying "either it's a winning move, or i blunder a rook" is really me whenever i'm in an endgame

  8. GMs play like me, just without blunders

  9. Hikaru has his stream on the ceiling or just finished watching queens gambit

  10. Question. Can you move your king right the kill zone of opponent which could happen, or does it still not let you like on regular chess.

  11. If there's a piece right in front of a pawn, will the square be revealed? Or are only squares that can be captured on revealed?

    If the latter, then the initial board should reveal the first 3 rows.

  12. 13:26 of GothamChess had premoved to take the black queen would the squares with the white queen, knight, bishop, and pawn have been revealed?

  13. I have a great idea for a chess mode idk if it exists yet but whenever you take a piece yiu become that piece, so if your queen takes a pawn it becomes a pawn

  14. @GMHikaru, this is coming from a huge fan but could you please stop thinking the way you do, rolling your eyes up because sometimes it looks like you're having an orgasm.

  15. Excuse me hikaru what is that about advance wars in the beginning

  16. Mr beast just came up with a killer thumbnail in seconds. I guess everyone has their strengths. It’s also kinda funny to know atleast he can beat Carl and Chris at chess

  17. I like the Advance Wars reference. Build some recons to see more of the chess board

  18. does this make more sense than original chess lol… based off where ur pieces take lol

  19. only with Hikaru, have I seen more views than subscribers lol

  20. 1475? This Hikaru guy doesn't seem that good.

  21. This is pretty much chess and minesweeper combined

  22. as a dota player i think the most important thing here is to give develop your pieces that gives vision


  24. why does he put his engine on the ceiling, it'd be better if he made it a minimized tab

  25. This's really kinda cool. Like your pieces each become secret agents or assassins or something.

  26. So in this game

    You assasinate the king

  27. Kinda scary how the knight went into the the darkness and suddenly disappeared

  28. whats funny is….the game is called ….Stratego…..

  29. They word the format as if pawns have a different rule to the others. It’s literally just that you can see a square if and only if you can move there, by capturing or otherwise.

  30. I used to LOVE PLAYONG ADVANCED WARS!!!! haha..levy is a great Andy

  31. Hikaru: well if that, then this, and if that, then that then this, right?
    Levy: Yes.

  32. It's after 11m i have understand we see the gameplay of hikaru

  33. Miles morales Levi “I try to do my own thing” 🤣

  34. 16:03 Levy trying so hard to not admit that he didn't think of those moves

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