Fog of War Chess | GM Hikaru’s First Ever Game

GM Hikaru Nakamura learns how to play Fog of War vs IM Levy Rozman


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  1. Hikaru: Help me out here ceiling
    Ceiling: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. cant u just scolarsm8? and win most of the games

  3. i like how we made chess a very extremely simple game look insane with all the memes the cool youtubers making it look like literal warfare even tho their just moving carved wood pieces around but its still extremely complex

  4. The way Hikaru looks up and to the side combined with this variation of chess makes me imagine "I'm in your walls" meme

  5. LMAO I just had to comment for the ADVANCED WARS 2 thumbnail

  6. Gotham as Andy crossover on the intro card is amazing.

    Botez: swivels rifle to her back, turning to Andy Gotham "Hiraku of the Yellow Comet are tough, might want to end the battle sooner with a scholar's mate"

    Gotham: scratches head "that's genius, but uh.. what's a scholar's mate again?"

    Magnus: flexes "it's that four move combo that you always doing when you get angry."

    Gotham: "oh, that."

  7. 4:32 I think chess sites and games should present castling as two distinct piece movement sounds primarily for fog of war chess, the leading chess variant.

  8. This is great, I can set up my London or Vienna system and not have to worry about anything that black does.



  10. I love how you guys are just scouting the board half the ga e

  11. I love how no one in chat has heard of Celsius 😆

  12. 5:46
    Both of them seeing meteorite about to hit the earth and still ignores it 😂😂😂😂

  13. The faces that hikaru makes I can't 🤣🤣 pls..

  14. Naaah, Advance wars references in the thunb nail, One of my favorite games

  15. Spell chess is hundred times better than this.

  16. So the strategy of this game is just to not move at all, because any move the opponent makes is just gg for them. Gotcha

  17. I love how you guys innovate this game. Fog of war in chess is genius! I also love the 4 way chess battle you guys did. Amazing.

  18. isn't it good to get queen out early for scouting information?

  19. advance wars? it has been forever since ive heard of you.

  20. I'm wondering if hikaru plays a 1200 while the 1200 constantly sees the whole board but hikaru has fog, does the 1200 have a chance? if not, what about a 1500? 1800?

  21. Love seeing the advance wars reference

  22. Line up rooks and sweep from side to side to find positions

  23. So glad the chat isn’t in your new videos. If I wanted to see a bunch of kids whining and yelling I’d go visit my local ymca

  24. I made this game, and I still don’t understand it.

  25. They should introduce this in over-the-board chess

  26. Playing with fog and then running the game review must be nuts 😂

  27. Pieces should be able to "see" squares that they COULD move to. So a pawn should be able to see forward even if there's a piece there.

  28. The speedrun vs the bots is over on my second channel – you guys have been so supportive on this one, please go give it some love, thumbs up, subs, etc. Thanks!!

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