Database to learn Bughouse Chess Openings, Strategy, and Theory

This is a demo of my Bughouse Chess Database, a collection of games to learn bughouse openings, bughouse chess theory, and bughouse chess strategy.

This demo shows:
* loading a player’s game into the database to examine the moves to play at each moment.
* a demo of this line for black: “e4 nf6 nc3 d5 exd5 nxd5 bc4 e6 d4 bb4 bd2”, which it turns out is actually dead lost for white with trades. Black needs to play Bxc3, then drops on e4, g4, b2, h5, i.e. the light squares, are all winning for Black.

If you’re interested in paying $19.99/month for this app (4-day free trial), you can try it out here:

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