Danny Actually Wins At Something: Doubles Chess (Bughouse) with Helmsknight!

IM Danny Rensch teams up with Grace (Helmsknight) to play Grandmaster Robert Hess and IM Rakesh Kulkarni in a long Doubles (Bughouse) match!

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  1. 2:42:50 2:43:55It's not a bug. Technically it's possible that white would play f3 and dropping a knight would be a legal move. Actually this kind of premove can be helpful, especially while mating.

  2. Just saw the first video of yours I've seen in years, and I totally had forgotten that I found your channel from your stream and videos with Hutch! Those videos were the reason I started playing on Chess.com.

  3. Grace is one MEAN bughouse player! Danny wasn't kidding.

  4. 38:29
    "Nothing is impossible!" xD
    I like how he moved his headphones even though the sound was in real life.
    P.S. This was really fun to watch. I didn't even know this game type existed.

  5. Isn't it enough to win the hearts of the fans, Danny? 😉

  6. It sounded like you had allergies. :{

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