Crazy Fast!!! Bughouse Chess – Video #1 – Dual Commentary From 2 Masters

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DUAL COMMENTARY: NM Will Stewart, FM Kazim Gulamali

Want more info? I wrote a great article about it here:

This is our first of many live bughouse videos we’ll be releasing. Bughouse is controversial amongst the chess community but like all things, a little bit of moderation is key, and I don’t think it hurts your chess game. More importantly I think it gets kids into chess, teaches you about positional play and teamwork as well. I’m releasing these videos for fun and hope you all enjoy them. My friend Kazim Gulamali is one of the best bughouse players in the world so I hope you enjoy.


Bughouse chess is a chess variant where 2 people play against 2 opponents. The 2 teammates play opposite color pieces. When one of the players captures a piece it is handed over to his teammate who can place the piece anywhere on the board (the only exception is pawn’s can’t be placed on the 8th rank). A player can immediately place these captured pieces or hold onto them for later use. Placing a piece counts as your move.

The game is usually played with quick time-controls and if either 2 of a team’s members runs out of time it counts as a loss for both.

Other terminology: “Sitting” refers to when one teammate who has more time on the clock (but usually a worser position) intentionally “sits” without making a move so his teammate has time to checkmate the other opponent



  1. @barsorrro rxg1 nxf2++ its a classic smother mate. glad you enjoyed the video

  2. @OnlineChessLessons Thanks! 🙂
    I knew I was stupid, but I didn't know I was soooo stupid! 😀

  3. @djrojas Agreed, Some of our videos are for beginners, some of them for advanced players, and some like these are just for viewing enjoyment. I hope nobody takes me and Kazim goofin around on Bughouse chess too seriously. Thanks

  4. About the rules of bughouse / crazyhouse:
    Should it be possible to checkmate directly by placing a piece?
    On FICS it is possible, but I don't really like that.

    It's more fun, if it takes at least a combination of moves to checkmate, like in this video.

  5. @burnheart123 There are different ways to play bug, however I prefer the rules where you can place mate. Makes the game more fast-paced and places higher value on the initiative.

  6. @asiankim53 pawns can be placed anywhere except the 1st and 8th rank

  7. Best bughouse pair on youtube as far as i can see. Just now youtubed for bughouse since i saw [email protected]/chesscube play crazyhouse live. Keep it up!

  8. please bring back ur bughouse vids will XD

  9. did a quick search on bughouse to see what its all about, got this youtube link. As I'm listening to it, I'm like "that voice sounds like Will Stewart" LOL … btw, I have now started using Stonewall Attack and French Defense per your beginner series. Thank you!!

  10. yea i used to play bughouse a good bit, not so much anymore though. glad to hear you like the videos. cheers, will

  11. Great game! Btw, cannot find bughouse chess… I think it is on FICS but Jin Applet does not support it. Please help me. Thx in advance!

  12. Thanks. Jin for Mac definitely supports FICS – go to freechessDOTorg to register for an account on FICS and details on how to set up

  13. Sorry for phrasing it wrongly…, I mean Jin Applet doesn't support Bughouse Chess. Sorry for making you misconcept what I was saying… :p

  14. How is internet adress where i can play bughouse chess?

  15. Hilarious partnership. I wanted to just see how you would just deal with it?!

  16. Hi, how do i play bughouse on fics, the interface seems SOO complicated?

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