CRAZY BUGHOUSE CHESS with @SamayRainaOfficial @ChessBaseIndiachannel @vaibhavsethiacomedian

Introducing another chess variant to the comedians!

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  1. Bhai ek request thi.. app harry potter ke first part me jo chess khela gaya hai vo analyse karo.. majja aa jayega….
    खुप मज्जा येते तुझी stream बघायला

  2. Joke for Vidit Gujrathi :
    Including OP after every word

  3. Never laughed so hard while watching Vidit lose. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Yeh “Dear Botez" OP kya hai? Kis video mei tha?

  5. Vaibhav k badle Biswa ko lao it will be fun, poor thing is confused af

  6. I wish Vidit would have been my school teacher, as he explains the same thing differently every time. He could have made learning interesting and easy… 🙂
    this was the bessstttt stream of yours.

    …and finalllllly Samay taught you how to *Raid*….

  7. Vidit ..big fan..only because of you and samay I started playing and watching's match was hilarious..vidit for PM ..can we have you and Adibhan playing against Giri and Botez ..same format

  8. vidit is my favorite chess player who releases youtube content, im actually running a channel that also makes chess content so be sure to check it out.

  9. I was sad thinking Vidit gonna make it private cause i wanna watch Samays victory reaction again and again. So much fun. All of u guys r awesome. Vidit, try to bring more people in stream. Awesome. I appreciate your good work. Vidit OP.

  10. Super Amazing stream… Full 1hr 39 mins of pure entertainment 😂😂❤️👌🏻

  11. Sagar Shah bhai mast aadmi hai .. OP Sagar Shah

  12. Irony is that the rook in the end which checkmated was gifted by vidit before 3 moves😂 so it was not vaibhav's mistake😂😂

  13. Target gpsc class 1-2 With sengal sachin says:

    Samay is giving free queen , Sagar shah bichara kab tak bachega😂

  14. Iska edit dekhne Mai bhata zyada Maja anee wala hai….billu sanda op

  15. Vidit is a grandmaster, but still he acts silly, by asking vaibhav dont play

  16. Best stream till date, eagerly waiting for the edits 😂😂🔥

  17. Never knew chess stream would be so much fun 😀

  18. this concept of putting captured pieces anywhere on board is also there in japanese chess shogi.
    I recommend vidit to have a look at it.
    shogi is also fantastic

  19. Dank rishu said "intellectuals ko bhi raid kr dena chaiye kabhi kabhi" and i am here watching y'all play chess.

  20. Today Vidit you didn't Stream, I re-watched these stream Again!!! This was epic!!!! And enjoyed much when you enjoy too!!!🤗❤️

  21. Vidit was not cheating guys. He's a GM, its only fair to expect him to win and sagar is too sweet ya

  22. hahahaha….this has to be one of the best streams of you guys❤️ pure love❤️ laughed out so hard man😂😂😂 sagar bhai pieces use hi nai kar rahe the.. queen bishops sab pade reh gaye…n vidit was on full attack…😀

  23. Beautiful stream, VD ! ✨ .. that glow on Sagar bhaai's face when they won is so amazing ! He was thinking very carefully how to win in this particular chess variant, and finally Samay and Sagar won 2 games ✨ 😊

  24. Watching this before the one-year anniversary stream and jokes are still relevant

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