CRAZY Bughouse Chess! Blazing Speed! – Video #2 – Dual Commentary From 2 Masters

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DUAL COMMENTARY: NM Will Stewart, FM Kazim Gulamali

2 GAMES – Time controls: 2 min each.

What is bughouse chess? I wrote a great article about it here:

Bughouse gets kids into chess, teaches you about positional play and teamwork as well. I’m releasing these videos for fun and hope you all enjoy them. My friend Kazim Gulamali is one of the best bughouse players in the world so I hope you enjoy.


Bughouse chess is a chess variant where 2 people play against 2 opponents. The 2 teammates play opposite color pieces. When one of the players captures a piece it is handed over to his teammate who can place the piece anywhere on the board (the only exception is pawn’s can’t be placed on the 8th rank). A player can immediately place these captured pieces or hold onto them for later use. Placing a piece counts as your move.

The game is usually played with quick time-controls and if either 2 of a team’s members runs out of time it counts as a loss for both.

Other terminology: “Sitting” refers to when one teammate who has more time on the clock (but usually a worser position) intentionally “sits” without making a move so his teammate has time to checkmate the other opponent



  1. what website are you on to play online bughouse?

  2. @gangbangz We played these games on FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) You can access FICS using many different clients, such as BabasChess, Jin, Thief and others. Cheers

  3. Super-fun videos, guys! Keep'em coming! This time I even managed to follow roughly what was going on, LOL! I mean–this is quite a different game of chess from the regular ones, even from bullet. Takes some time to get the tactical ideas in, and it would probably be good to learn some "theory" for strategies specific to this chess discipline. But it's really fun to watch.

    When you were just starting out with the bug, did you play at longer time controls?

    Cool commentary!

  4. @barsorrro It's definitely a different game to get used to. We're going to be releasing a good amount of these videos, and trying to cover different strategies/plans through the games. I guess when we started playing bug we usually played at 5 minutes, however 2 and 3 min games are much more popular these days (especially on the internet)

  5. i dont know what bughouse is but im guessing itschess but you can put the pieces anyplace you want ?, also are you allowed to put the bishop on different coloured squares ?

  6. @mcpartridgeboy bughouse is doubles chess (sometimes referred to as tandem chess) – for more info check the description – i wrote an article on my site that explains the rules. but yes – you can place pieces anywhere you want (except pawns can't be placed directly to the 8th rank)

  7. Bughouse será algo como el juego "pasapiezas" en español?

  8. I used to play bughouse but forgot about it how do u play it what's the rules

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