Chess Played Quick: Doubles Edition (Bughouse) 1st place!!

Hey everyone! I’m finally back after a long break and I’m here to share my games from the recent Chess Played Quick: Doubles Edition! Thank you to everyone who was
involved in organizing the event it was unbelievably fun!! & Thank you to my partner Gena217 for being my teammate for this! 😀

ggs to everyone who participated! 🙂


  1. Missed watching you, so good to watch you again.x

  2. So glad to see you posting bughouse on youtube again.

  3. 18:37 Didn't he have Kf1 though? I mean, he didn't do it so you did have mate in 2. 🙂
    2:06:53 When the luck is good 🙂
    2:09:20 Good luck continues with the early resign (f4 and it's still a game)
    2:30:05 Okay, really good luck for Gena here haha 🙂
    2:49:20 Cool mate.

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