Variants: Bughouse Tips For Beginners

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  1. I like how the client doesnt even work in the official videos, no false marketing here

  2. Hey people keep spawning peices is that legal?

  3. Yeah Danny Nice Video! I created a new account in phone but I couldnt play bughouse…😭 Please make an update soon! Thanks!

  4. A bughouse simul, a glitch in the system for the show.

  5. Knight checks are the most dangerous checks, because you can´t cover up throwing pieces in between, you forcibly have to use up a tempo moving your king. That, and minimum distance checks and double checks.

  6. I wonder if can arrange a new bughouse chess variant online:
    3 boards 3-players teams. Each board receives pieces captured from the other 2 boards. If check mate in one board still 2 boards with unfinished business. If now one of the same team mates that´s it, 2-0 and game over; but if it´s the other team that mates then last game still standing is the tie-break. Obviously, in this scenario they can´t use more pieces they already have on the board or in the box.

  7. the title was Bughouse for beginners. All I can see is the game being played very quickly with boards flashing everywhere. There are remarks about tactics but you don't have time to take them in and look at the board to understand them before it changes.

  8. Lol danny lost 400+ rating points in that first game 😂

  9. Videos like this are a good reasons to not remove the dislike count

  10. WTF is bughouse ? Tips for Beginners – hell yeah, when I don't even know what is it.

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