Secret Beta Testing: Bughouse!

You read correctly: Bughouse is coming to! Check out this secret (wink) leaked footage of beta testing’s new feature coming soon…


  1. Whos the developer behind it? I want to see his portfolio please.

  2. Danny every time I try to play in the live site in V3 and I play bullet or blitz, if I get in time trouble, namely the final seconds of the game, the server is not reading my premoves well, it is just too slow. But I have tried now to play in the old V2 and it works fine although obviously when V3 was working for me I much prefer it because it is naturally faster than V2. Having said that, my laptop is kind of old and runs on Vista still, believe it or not, so what are your thoughts in this situation? is there anything I can do? Because I do appreciate playing the different variants, which is something I can't do in V2, and also I do prefer playing (when is working well) the V3 evidently. Have you heard of similar situations? And if so what have you recommended them?

  3. Ahh! Bug!!! I'm freaking out right now :DDD

  4. This is amazing! Awesome feature, guys.

  5. So I have a question. What is the difference between this Bughouse and Crazyhouse that is already implemented in

  6. Screw bughouse, just play shogi instead. It's waaaay better. 🙂

  7. your premoves aren't working because you haven't enabled it in settings?

  8. Don't know if this has been suggested yet, but a simple area where you can click "Pawn, Knight, Bishop…" etc that will notify your partner of what piece you need.

  9. I have waited so many years for this… and I will wait even longer for you folks to finish it, ha!

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