Can you Sacrifice your KING in Chess? #shorts

King: Am I a Joke to you? 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Can someone explain why queen D4 was the only move? Why can't the king move somewhere else?

  2. Best way to finish the game is sacrifice your king

  3. Of course its ok to sacrifice Modi for the better of Bharat.

  4. why nihal's opponent losses his queen, bcoz of that illegal ???

  5. Wow a custom set? White I think has the rekyjavic set while black is the standard tournament german knight set. 😂

  6. that was neat from Nihal to explain his opponent that now he has to play QD4 as he already touched it…only then opponent decided to resign .. 🙂

  7. Didn't they have to say check if they were attacking the King?? Correct me if iam wrong.. Just asking😊

  8. They traded off the kings and at this moment we have a new game

  9. I feel king sacrifice shouldn't be an illegal move. If your king is in check and your opponent doesn't immediately take out the king then congrats you've gained.

  10. Nihal should have just captured the king 😂

  11. I never heard him call the "check" on the King during the heat of the play? So, why will the other player be penalized for an illegal counter check?

  12. What I don’t understand is why they don’t say check when they check the king

  13. "Same thing happened to him 2 months ago."

    Yeah, we've all been there.
    Chess is brutal. I wish I was a MMA fighter. Seems more safe.

  14. Chess me na king ko thode aur moves dene ki zarurat hai sala king ko nalla Bana Diya chess me 😂

  15. Ayyo uvarena Jaya Mala Amma
    Eat sleep eat sleep u look older then your mom

  16. You should always say check i guess or the board should be made that way it illumimates when in check that check line some tech for the future shouldnt be that hard to be honest some wheight sencores/ line recognitions

  17. I would have just captured the king as if chess worked like that.

  18. No move is illegal if your opponent agrees : Sun tsu. Art of war.

  19. W opponent,he tried his opponent not to feel sad for the illegal move.

  20. And the Legend of king sacrifice gambit continues…

  21. ஏன் இப்படி ஆகுது பதஸ்டமா இல்லை

  22. Nah that's the secret move Reverse Check

  23. Yeah man it is a disease i would say spreads real quickly

  24. This is smart actually.Sacrifice the king and all the rest survives

  25. He simply said king is the cause of all this lets end him first😂😂

  26. I guess there isn't a rule where you have to say 'check' when you move a piece and place the king in check?

  27. This happens due to time pressure. This move can be used as a trick. It can be a part of ur strategy giving surprise checks after playing two normal moves. Deflect ur opponent n give instant check.

  28. Graciously comforting his opponent, confessing making a similar mistake in another game

  29. I wost like that in a tournament when my king was on h8 and he gave me a check with the queen and i didnt see it and i just took his pawn 😂😂😂 and i lost the game

  30. “Yeah bro, kill my king and I’ll kill yours, fair trade.”

  31. Script: in the endgame, things were intense. his opponent checked him but he replied with a counter check. then, his opponent was obviously envious of this brilliant move and said it was illegal, so, behind his back, he murdered his entire bloodline

  32. Isn't required to announce the check?

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