Bughouse with Kazim

Kazim visits the Chess Center and puts the smackdown on small children

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  1. Kazim, Former best bughouse player in the world! Glad to see he still has it!

  2. haha nice!! (one tip ben, when you record with your phone, don't use it vertically, record horizontally so the image will be on full screen)

  3. Annihilated! Would Kazim beat Ben though..

  4. When I walk through your door for the first time, will I get the same chance?

  5. Man, if the total age of each team was equal if might have been a fair match

  6. Kazim is one of the best in bughouse in the world.. no joke!!

  7. That is some crazy talent, right there. Fischer level crazy.

  8. see that that person playing black against Kazim thats me

  9. I know Jeremy Keller. I’d love to see those two go at each other.

  10. This makes me wish I performed a percussion arrangement of a famous chess game

  11. It is no small feat to defeat two asian children at the same time

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