Bughouse Concepts – Atrophied and JannLee

Fundamental bughouse concepts are explored here. Atrophied and I have coordinated over Skype so you can hear our communication and commentary during live play.


  1. This is awesome. I've recently been introduced to zh on lichess.com, but this is my first time watching bug. Thanks for the demonstration. Please do it again!

  2. Atro: "Yeah. I'm safe and he's getting attacked so that's a nice combination."
    JannLee: "Yes it is."

  3. Fun to watch this from your perspective – I didn't realize your opponent was playing the same a6/b6/Bb7/e6 setup as mine was! A lot of the opening positions you had looked strangely familiar.

  4. People often refer to him as Chuckle, but he has confirmed that in fact it's Chuck le Magne, i.e. Charles the Great.

  5. great match, really interesting format! gotta give it to sexy_and_i_know_it for move of the match with R@h1 at 1:17:14

  6. challenge GM chessbrahs, they're pretty good at bughouse

  7. Anybody interested in being a bughouse partner/teacher for me? I am about 2000 rated in standard chess but am new to bughouse and need a good partner. If anyone is interested let me know 🙂 dunno where else I should post something like this

    PS awesome vid guys, this helped me a lot @atrophied @jannlee crazyhouse

  8. god Atrophied's voice…..so dull, boring, just puts me into a deep sleep. Reminds me of my college professors! Stop talking please, just let tan talk.

    Anyway, how about you guys play bughouse on fics? Why are u playing on chess.com where more than of the people have no clue on how to drop pieces? I think its bad to show bad quality bughouse games, u guys want more viewers right?

  9. 25:30 you talk about an understanding that we need to know but don't tell us what it is?

    I even tried searching whatever you were talking about earlier and didn't find anything…

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong… Looks like near the end (1:43:57), you resigned a winning position. Queen on e1 takes hanging rook on f2 to threaten mate on g1 or h2, which is unstoppable.

  11. Jann lee, i'm extremely grateful for your channel, it would be awesome if you made instructive tutorial videos.

  12. Jann, crystal-clear narration. Your play is illuminative and craftsmanlike! As an intermediate-level zh player and bughouse noob myself, it was amazing for me to realize for the first time, through this video, some of the ways in which thought process of bug differs from that of zh.

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