Bughouse Chess with IM Danny Rensch and GM Robert Hess

International Master Danny Rensch and Grandmaster Robert Hess team up for some Bughouse chess on Chess.com!

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  1. Must watch if you wanna watch grandmaster losing 10 bughouse games in a row 😂

  2. Danny, I'm trying to study for finals and you post this.

  3. just wanna say that was a super fun series, I hope to see you guys again for bughouse and I have quite a few people to partner to play you guys again, and you guys played extremely well against two 2300+ fics players. We were actually expecting an almost full sweep! And if you want to partner Me to play against others on chess.com that would be awesome too 🙂 -toughplaya on fics/grindonmygrande on chess.com 😛

  4. Nice games Danny, one question, Do you Know when the buf and Crazyhouse championships are? Id love to play

  5. @ 6:00. "Danny, I have a question….what am I to do when the best part of me has always been you???". A tender time out by Robert.

  6. There are no bughouse players on Chess.com i try and it takes like 30 minutes and someone just aborts

  7. Robert and Danny together always make amazing banter lol, good stuff.

  8. name a more icon duo i will wait😍😍😍

  9. Danny, like Robert, I have also spent a lot of time with you on YT and Chess.com. Uncle Sasha has to be your best accent. Brilliant.

  10. danny and robert have zero cooperation.they keep playing this like two selfish individuals ignoring considering what they are doing may sound good for them self but destructive to their partner. they keep saying to each other if you give me that piece, i will win. but you need to plan this in bughouse. you can not just do your thing and suddenly ask for a piece. danny and robert! you are simultaneously playing on two boards! good luck.

  11. I always respected you Danny. But now you have to get some seriously funny bromance stuff with Robert going to redeem yourself for that Jarjar Binks impression 😀

  12. Danny and Robert should start a band singing chess related lyrics and upload to Spotify

  13. Uncle Sasha is so much better than singing…

  14. Bug house has a lot of different patterns that you don't recognize from normal chess. Even Carlsen would suck at bughouse compared to those 2400's if he never played it much to learn the patterns and tactics. Probably much easier to learn for young FM+ players tho.

  15. The biggest ass kicking I've seen since magnus played vs. Gates! Enjoyable nonetheless

  16. When I play bughouse with my friends, we enforce a 'no checkmate by adding piece rule', just to make the game a little more difficult 😉

  17. Ton of fun Danny! (PS – You might wanna ask MVL for tips on the French accent. Take some notes while he is speaking.)

  18. 36:00 danny has mate for over a minute and does not make it!
    ends up losing the game 😛

  19. Can someone please explain what is happening in this variant?

  20. it's so hard to follow what these guys are talking about

  21. Robert Hess is too much of a yes man. Nice guys make me want to puke.

  22. Uncle Sasha is the real bughouse GM! Back in russia, he no play on xbox but play on bughouse. After training in soviet school he learn to win bughouse.

  23. Hess's reaction to getting trampled on by a 1200 is priceless. Grande was good.

  24. lol theres a bug in bughouse no kidding haha

  25. Please give feedback to the developers of chess.com of the difficulties you have playing bug on chess.com. As players we don't have the same clout to get improvements made.


  27. The ideal deal is make moves that attack and defend both at the same time, but if only one, better striking and shaking moves. The best defense is a good attack.

  28. Danny: awful russian accent
    Robert: awful fake laughter

  29. I feel like Hess missed checkmate around the 50 Mark. Qxa7 because the bishop was pinned

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