Bughouse Chess with Grandmasters – GM Hikaru and helmsknight vs GM Yasser and JannLee

A very fun bughouse exhibition match on Chess.com between two teams with one high profile Grandmaster and one bughouse specialist each! In this video we’re delighted to have the super-GM Hikaru Nakamura, teamed up with Grace Ferguson (helmsknight), who go up against 4x US champ GM Yasser Seirawan and Justin Tan (JannLee). It is an absolute honour to be able to play bughouse with such company!!


  1. 9:33 Nxh7#19:00 Hikaru misremembering – Jann was up lots of time and sitting for pieces30:37 Jann's reaction to N@h1 XD

  2. Never been so excited to see a video in my sub box. You're doing great work Justin!

  3. This is great ! Although I like Helms' setup better 😛

  4. Wow what an opportunity! Thanks for the quality play Justin.

  5. Awesome video! I would've preferred to see Grace + Justin vs Yasser + Hikaru, for future reference. The top bughouse players vs the chess legends

  6. great as always Jann! congrats cause you really showed once again why you are the best

  7. Lol Yaz had his braincells switched off that day.

  8. Thanks for the upload Jann, a pleasure to watch as always. Your dynamic with Yasser had me cracking up! Haha!

  9. What happened to Yaz? He always struck me as among the world's best ZH players. Is he much worse in bug, or was he just totally out of it during this match?

  10. Yasser is so awesome when he´s calmly chatting about doing his job populating the earth X) and Hikaru getting somewhat uncomfortable 😀 Great stream and great playing by everyone. I really enjoyed. 🙂 (More please!)

  11. 44:35 Yaz throws game 😅
    "When you sit up, don't touch the mouse" 😮🤐😔
    50:50 cat stretches and turns around 😺 didn't see him for an hour!

  12. this is the greatest of your streams and it was so fascinating (actually i haven't finished it so dont anyone spoil it for me), so interesting.

  13. @39:42
    Jan: “Actually sit is good, sitting is good.”
    Yaz: “I already moved, sorry”. (Keeps blitzing through moves at 300% normal Yasser speed)
    Jan: “ I mean still sitting is good”… (Yasser still moving).
    Jan: “Now it’s not good, it’s alright, go now. (Yasser sitting)
    Yaz: “Okay, what do you want me to do now, sit?”

  14. Hikaru was so pissed past the 1hour mark lol

  15. Yasser in the Original Zoombombing at 7:15 Yasssssssir!!!
    Follow thru to 10:50 and "Cooking with Yaz"
    40:35 Yasser succumbs to the nefarious "mouse roll"
    55:20 JL and Hikaru run down the intracacies of Bug Opening Prep during the entire game with each other entirely ignored by their respective partners (until Yaz, down 20 demands pieces)

  16. i loved this…i would love to see more.thanks guys

  17. On the ! hour 32 minutes 32 seconds why did JannLee not take the rook

  18. I don't understand this layout or what's going on :/

  19. Imagine having hikaru on your side in a time scramble, jeez

  20. Hikaru's audition for the blue man group

  21. uasser seirawan is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine

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