Bughouse Chess Stream with IM Danny Rensch

On December 12th, International Master Danny Rensch turned his Call of the Wild show into an all Bughouse Chess Steam, partnering with Chess.com members to play a few games, learn a few things, and have some good laughs.

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  1. can we play bughouse or crazyhouse on mobile app ??

  2. Rather than the ding of a bell, should the people getting checkmated in crazy house get a zap from a cattle prod?

  3. Oh wait… at 34 minutes there you rang the bell but they resigned, it didn't get to checkmate 😛

  4. ty for the games daniel my username xarispanorama/xarisole1994 the 'x' is pronounced as 'h' 🙂

  5. Playing bughouse without verbal communication doesn't really make sense to me.

    I would love to see you team up with other streamers, with audio from both players.

  6. Danny at 23:55 you could have got the pgn and showed it live on the video

  7. Wait, is it called bug house because of the amount of bugs on this website? Get it? Haha
    Just kidding, I like your site!

  8. Thank you for letting me be your partner!! I'm Speedybulletchess. 😀

  9. lol I was cracking up at your Pedro monologue in those last 5 minutes. Makes me want to watch kindergarten cop again #nostalgia

  10. Where else other than chess.com can I play bughouse (I can't play it on chess.com because I don't have an account and I am too lazy to get one)?

  11. I suppose it would be hard to sync both games together in the analyses considering both games are going at different speeds.

  12. You aren't the bees of the knees, but you are the knees of the bees!

  13. You should totally play against chessbrah Erik Hansen!

  14. lolol what's up with this British accent switching on MATE hahah

  15. the opening is bad because you give up 2 pawns and you don't have any center

  16. danny dannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydanny

  17. 1:28:04 after queen takes f2 couldn't he have just placed a pawn on h2 with check rather than trading on f2?

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