Bughouse Chess Stompage

Easy win. My dog was playing.

And yes, I do offer gaming lessons.


  1. Sub to my channel trying to get 1mil without uploading a single vid it would be the biggest flex ever NGL

  2. LOL two noobs vs two noobs this is hilarious why would you even put this on youtube other than to laugh at both of these crappy teams.

  3. we all have to start somewhere. people aren't born masters. all this silly talk about noobs… geez get a life.

  4. 3:37 that's checkmate right? Why are they still playing?

  5. @Turbo9987 this is bughouse if he dont move he still on the game
    this is dumb right 😀

  6. my coach wont let us play bughouse in school 🙁

  7. @turbo9987 because the other guy is Staling ,by the way really close game

  8. i recently began posting a bughouse series w/ FM Kazim Gulamali (vaboris on FICS) – plz check it out and let me know what you think!

  9. that kid on right side black is terrible, and i'm surprised at the times on the other board

  10. Exactly. And as a chess player, you should be encouraging other players to become better just as you'd want to be treated.

  11. You idiots a contact checkmate ends the whole match!

  12. This looks like a typical match between 4 1200s on chess.con

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