BugHouse Chess | Shvedi Shvedi Shvedi PreSummer Party

For those of you who happen to live in Israel, and those who may visit:

Every tuesday evening, between around 20:30 and the late hours, a group of chess (and bughouse) fans are meeting in the middle of the Rothschild Avenue (Between Balfur & Maze). Twice a year, there happens to be a humble celebration- first time when coming back from the cool winter (when we hide in a Cafe), and second time on the event’s Birthday (currently 14 y.o) during the summer vacation. If you’re interested to visit at any point, like the facebook page (It’s in Hebrew) and see weekly updates:

Bughouse in Israel is refered to as “Swedish Chess”- hence, the word “Shvedi”.
Fun Fact- There is a Bughouse World Championship!
Fun Fact #2- One of the bughouse world champions is non other than the very strong Swedish Grandmaster Nils Grandelius! When learning this fact after having called it “Shvedi” for many years I was very amused.

If anyone would like me to add a 2D board of this game’s moves- please step up and create these moves on a lichess study and post a link in the comments.

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“Tal’s games are an unlimited source of inspiration for me”- Bobby Fischer

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