Bughouse Chess Openings: Basic Moves For The Beginning Of The Match

Bughouse Chess Openings

Do you enjoy this intellectual challenge but want more wins? Then it’s time to study simple bughouse chess openings that will sharpen your play. Below you’ll find some suggestions both for Black and White sides.

Sparse Theory

Have you been studying this variant at least for a bit? Then you know there is not enough theoretical material to rely upon. Well, actually, there is. If you want to be successful, focus on the best practices of classical chess.

Most players choose a freestyle approach, in which the play feels like touch-and-go. But you can change it if you use some tips to make your first moves smart. Use them to lead to an often-explosive middlegame!

Bughouse Chess Openings: Advice for Both Sides

Bughouse Chess Openings Advice for Both Sides

We’ve compiled a short list of strategies useful for the beginning of the battle:

White: exploit your tempo advantage

If you start the match, you already have an advantage. Use it to invade the center (e4 and d4). As well as develop your pieces swiftly and aim at the f7 cell. It’s vital not to lose the initiative and bombard the opponent with attacks.

Black: efficient counterpunching

How can you withstand the pressure and reverse the aggression? Here is an approximate sequence of moves to help you:

  1. e4 d5
  2. exd5 Nf6
  3. d4 Nxd5
  4. Nf3 Bg4
  5. Be2 e6

Black efficient counterpunching

Of course, there might be other sequences to follow. But the key agenda is to break the opponent’s bold attack and start advancing forward yourself.

Extra Rules to Know

When your ally captures pieces, they’re sent to your pool. You should place them in front of the board. And never cover it with your hand or anything else: they should be visible.

The game is usually played with clocks. Otherwise, some may choose to stall. If you don’t have it, it’s still possible to play. A different rule applies. One can’t freeze for more than three moves of your teammate. If this happens, you lose!

Want to Keep Growing?

There are other bughouse chess openings that will be beneficial for you. If you can’t find lots of materials, search for classical initial moves. They’ll also help you strive for a stronger piece placement on the board.