Bughouse Chess Battles with helmsknight & IM Danny Rensch

Look out chess.com random pool! Here comes helmsknight and IM Danny Rensch to play some bughouse chess. Watch us take on all challengers!

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at


  1. voice chat, separate chat window, and more features for bughouse plz danny 🙂

  2. Does that sound insulation smell extremely fumy? i was in a sound room once that smelled very extremely fumy.

  3. I finally won you!!My life is now complete 🙂

  4. Cool stream and I am happy to see how much Danny actually likes the channel. That's definitely a good sign 🙂

  5. 11:36 glad to get some payback after placing a pawn on the wrong square last game!! 🙂

  6. Good parners and Good comunication. Is the secret in bughouse, and be faster, i think

  7. Why does this not have 1 000 000 views???? Awesome video

  8. Why does the guy remind me of Henry Rollins?

  9. This game is far more creative and brainstorming than regular chess.
    Thanks for introducing these Grace 🙂

  10. Man.. helmsknight is savage in Bughouse games

  11. Grace is Incredibly talented! 1:39:50 "commencing sitting". LOLOLOL! It's crazy to see non other than Danny Rensch look like the village idiot next to her.

  12. i remember on fics I partnered helmsknight and I would do great for 10 moves and then I had to attack. I suck at attacking and I just kept pasting Need Help. And then she was playing both boards basically and we never lost

  13. I love Danny´s attitude here. He is a 2,100 player, not some noob that learned to play today. And yet he is like he is starting from the ground up. My cup is empty, fill me up.

  14. Damn he bad and he don’t listen helmsknight carries the scrub lmao

  15. Her brain definitely works faster than mine….

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