BugHouse Chess #5 – Bullet Crazy House Super Fast! – 2 Chess Masters Goofing Around!

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Dual Commentary by NM Will Stewart, FM Kazim Gulamali

What is bughouse chess? I wrote a great article about it here:

This is our FIFTH of many live bughouse videos we’ll be releasing. Bughouse is controversial amongst the chess community but like all things, a little bit of moderation is key, and I don’t think it hurts your chess game. More importantly I think it gets kids into chess, teaches you about positional play and teamwork as well. I’m releasing these videos for fun and hope you all enjoy them. My friend Kazim Gulamali is one of the best bughouse players in the world so I hope you enjoy.


Bughouse chess is a chess variant where 2 people play against 2 opponents. The 2 teammates play opposite color pieces. When one of the players captures a piece it is handed over to his teammate who can place the piece anywhere on the board (the only exception is pawn’s can’t be placed on the 8th rank). A player can immediately place these captured pieces or hold onto them for later use. Placing a piece counts as your move.

The game is usually played with quick time-controls and if either 2 of a team’s members runs out of time it counts as a loss for both.

Other terminology: “Sitting” refers to when one teammate who has more time on the clock (but usually a worser position) intentionally “sits” without making a move so his teammate has time to checkmate the other opponent



  1. @sXs0n4R We recorded most of these videos in one day, but decided to release them bit by bit, that is why. Plus EEKarf was really the only opponent we could find who'd be a formidable opponent to Kazim. Having a video where all we did was mercilessly beat n00bz would have been a bit boring (well at least after a while) Wait another couple of days you'll see some videos with other players.

  2. This is just sheer madness… but so much fun! 🙂

  3. I swear you guys only ever verse stuckey and EEkarf

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