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  1. Bughouse with a GM and a bunch of patzers? step up the competition fam

  2. Bughouse so rules!! Ah – way more entertaining than TV!

  3. For a little while I thought monkey was Hambleton but the monkey seems too weak. Is it just that all canadians sound the same or is hambleton just really not a bughouse player?

  4. I am confused. Can someone explain how this works to me?

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Twitch Prime! Next stream I catch I'll be sure to resub.

  6. Manneredmonkey-" I'm just gonna sac everything on F7. That's the plan."
    Eric- "You can sac, OK, but just let me know when you're giving up the queen because I'm the one who's gonna take it up the ass."

  7. be nice please some of us have feelings :'(

  8. This other guy's annoying AF.
    "We're so good. We're too damn good for everyone."
    Then fucks up after talking trash and watches Eric win by himself.
    Play with Aman instead of this scrub.

  9. Eric wanna play with me instead of this patzer. Aman and Eric would be too much rip.

  10. "dsanchez is pretty trash too" lol ok bud hb you play with a partner your strength and he plays with a partner his strength and you let us know how many games you win

  11. Eric should figure out a way to play both bughouse boards simultaneously…

  12. The bad thing is on chess.com they have alot of people who apparently don't listen to their partners at all!! I mean the quality of play doesn't matter as much, however when the communication is bad you might as well resign lols. By the way Eric, it was fun getting crushed by you lols.

  13. could you resize the partner board so we can see the pieces the other board players have to drop?

  14. Guys, please try Crazyhouse. It is a completely different chess game. It is incredibble

  15. Oh god im cringing listening to your partner.

  16. In every bughouse partnership, there is the supplier aka bitch and the boss(one who is tactician, who normally mates his opp). Saying that, you guys are a bad team. Ekurtz, really has no clue on what he's doing. If I ever got a partner like him I would resign within 5moves. If u guys want a real challenge, play bughouse on fics. I'm sure u'll play there for a day and quit!
    GL to you all!
    Thanks for the video Hansen

  17. it's hilarious hearing ekurtz talk about how bad the other player is, then play a terrible move. Love the video though! thanks

  18. his partner is a joke. acting like a tough guy, cant do shit and talks even more shit

  19. anyone else so confused who is even playing

  20. Is this the only bughouse stream? You should do this at least once per month.

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