Best Bughouse Opening for White


  1. I knew i wasn't the only one that played h4. So my question is, What if instead of black playing e5 black plays d5, In response would you instead play nh3 instead of nf3?

  2. this is only useful against a bad bughouse player. it's analogous to sacking on f2 or f7 with not even a way to drop a knight in check.

  3. terrible opening nobody plays h6 there as black h4 e5 nf3 nc6 h5 bc5 h6 nxh6 what do u have

  4. Garbage bro develop then attack chess basics still apply in bug

  5. Sorry bro, but this is the worst starting move for white. Like seriously lol. Worse than h3 first move. Black places a pawn on g3 and you're losing already.

  6. That is stupid……just because I am going to use it in no way means I agree with it 🙂
    I must add way to make the video short, to the point, and informativie……you nailed it

  7. I doubted you, but I got it first try with a mate on turn 6 I can't believe, big ups man <3

  8. They play d4, you mean d5. They play a6, you mean h6. Cmon dude lol

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