Beat your Opponent without Capturing his Pieces!

#agadmator Have you ever played a game like this? 🙂

Antonio Angel Medina Garcia vs Svetozar Gligoric
“The Bughouse Immortal” (game of the day Sep-08-2010)
Palma de Mallorca (1968), Palma ESP, rd 16, Dec-12
Spanish Game: Closed Variations. Smyslov Defense (C93)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 d6 8. c3 O-O 9. h3 h6 10. d4 Re8 11. Nbd2 Bf8 12. Nf1 Bb7 13. Ng3 Na5 14. Bc2 Nc4 15. Bd3 Nb6 16. Bd2 c5 17. d5 Bc8 18. b3 c4 19. Bf1 Bd7 20. Nh2 Rc8 21. b4 Na4 22. Qf3 g6 23. Be2 Bg7 24. h4 Nh7 25. h5 Ng5 26. Qe3 f5 27. Qa7 f4 28. Ngf1 Ra8 29. Qb7 Re7

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  1. Stupid Title – sacrifices are offered because refusal can mean instant disadvantage . 'Not taking' (not capturing) is not a principle that can guide play. Sometimes your own pieces can get in the way of a winning strategy, and the opponent's pieces can be left to get in the opponent's way.

  2. WOW, this is something I've never seen lol. What a game XD

  3. Have YOU ever played a game like this? 🙂

  4. I never even heard about bughouse chess until today. Nice game. Believe Gligoric was right in assuming he was the stronger of the two. And first!

  5. im impressed by your pronunciation of spanish names, gj there

  6. i won one of my first games without taking any pawn but taking every piece but one rook, does that count? pretty sure i still remember all the moves haha

  7. Wow. Just wow, I have been looking to study positional chess for a while but this video i think really opened my eyes to how it works.

  8. Well..antonio tells antonio resigned…… he he 😃😃

  9. Please show some of Karpov's games

  10. What a game I see a game like this first time. Really very good game

  11. Hi, I asked if you could do the botvinnik vs capablanca game, avro in 1938 last week and you said to remind you! =) great channel

  12. Closed Spanish opening is very poditional and closed, some times boring. But where did he fault?

  13. I would rather go for a gambit man.
    Anyway, these players must be good against computers.

  14. Hunted that queen down like an animal lol

  15. Not a single check was given that day 🙂

  16. Hello. Based on how you pronounced Svetozar Gligoric,i would say you are somewhere from Balkan,am I right?

  17. agadmator why after g6 white plays Be2 Garcia should have played Nf5 after gxf5 Qg3 check then Bg7 a critical position black has more pieces but the white queen is eying the king on g8

  18. Black systematically trapped his queen. By the time he realized, it was too late!

  19. this game was played between haygdahgdgafdgaich and ajhdaaaaia

  20. I think Fischer would be ill watching this

  21. Finally one can hear "Svetozar Gligorić" properly pronounced 😉

  22. I love how the your dog got up when you said black or Garcia resigned. Awesome video, crazy %&&()#^ game, ha. Thanks for all you do!!

  23. Funny game 🙂 I think it wasnt a serious match.

  24. Unique game, U.S.A. here what is " bunk/back house? I apologize in advance for misunderstanding you.

  25. Was Bd1 the right move instead of h4 on move 24?

  26. why didn't he play Qc6 black needs to move his light colour bishop if he wants to trap the queen so if he played Bc6 = Qxc6 if he played Bc8 white play Qxa8

  27. Was this discussed between the players, beforehand, not to capture?

  28. what`s your dog name ?, seams very pacient

  29. Gligoric is a Legend and the greatest player from Yugoslavia and the Balkans of all time

    1.) Gligoric
    2.) Dragan Solak
    3.) Ivan sokolov

  30. Thanks. You show good games generally, but obviously you also like oddities – if you haven't seen it, you might like the book 'Wonders and Curiosities of Chess' by Irving Chernev. I guess you won't think much of the author in general, but there's a whole load of remarkable stuff in this particular book, some are 19th century/amateurs but still intriguing, but many are GM's.

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