9 NEW Chess Modes/Variants || AlphaZero and Vladimir Kramnik

On the rest day of the 9LX Champions Showdown from the St Louis Chess Club, GothamChess breaks down the AlphaZero new chess variants and plays a game in Torpedo mode. FULL ARTICLE + PUBLISHED PAPER BELOW.



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  1. all of this is overrated just keep the normal way

  2. In the description of torpedo chess it says you can make en passant capture anywhere on the board so black is still winning in the first position

  3. Freedom chess
    My version of chess
    It has no extra pieces
    Pawns are all directional
    Water and border it's a much but still simple
    I think it's obviously greatest version
    No op no up

  4. I'm somewhat partial to 'Idiot King' chess which I saw on Chess Whiz TV: on any turn where the king can legally move forward one square, it must; otherwise play normally. A piece sacrifice in front of the enemy king can sometimes be devasatingly powerful if it prevents the enemy from doing anything useful on the next few turns.

  5. I invented one that I am trying to market myself. I am a professional board game designer. I won't say too much here as I am working on copyright.

  6. I made up a variant rule that I call "cotati style chess" that I came up with when playing in a town called Cotati in California. It has only ONE different rule from regular chess: Pawn to back rank is instant and automatic WIN (no promotion). Usually the first player to promote a pawn wins and this rule gets rid of the bullshit of someone "building a harem" which is getting more than one queen or the opponent fishing for stalemate or a very long endgame that can happen if the other player gets a queen of their own on the very next move.

    I call it BREACHING and it symbolizes the army breaching the enemy castle wall.

  7. At 7:40 I do NOT like that rule. I think in "torpedo pawn" chess a pawn should be vulnerable to "en passant" ANY time he moves 2 paces not just on the initial move if an opponent pawn is next to it.

  8. One variant he showed was "torpedo" pawn where it can move 2 spaces forward even if its not the start move and another was the pawn able to move sideways one space (but not as a capture only as a regular move). If you were to COMBINE those 2 rules into one game then how much would a pawn be worth? I think they are always 1 but the other pieces would need to be adjusted.

  9. There is an old game called TERRACE that is somewhat chess like where you can commit "cannibalism" which is capturing your own piece. Sometimes you can win or get an advantage from that but you have to be careful because if you do it incorrectly then you are down a piece.

  10. Of these variants, my favorite would probably be torpedo; in general, Chess 2.

  11. Its interesting how, in No Castling mode, all pieces' values decrease, meanwhile, in No Castling (10) they all increase.

    (also, pawns' doesnt go down or up at all)

  12. 5:42 wtf, his right eye moved but his left eye didn't how is that possible

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