1 year streaming celebration with Samay, Sagar & Vaibhav. BUGHOUSE REMATCH

Celebrating 1-year streamvarsary with the OG Squad.

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  1. Timestamps by Raghni and IGames: Bughouse – Vidit and Vaibhav vs Sagar and Samay26:49 – Game 130:14 – Game 235:10 – Game 339:07 – Game 4 (colours reversed on each board)44:52 – Game 548:57 – Game 654:06 – Game 7Samay vs Vidit (1min vs 20s)1:14:18 – Vidit vs Samay -KIA1:17:17 – Samay vs Vidit -English defense1:19:50 – Vidit vs Samay – KIA1:22:35 – Samay vs Vidit – Modern defenseMoments: 0:14 – Sagar bhai ki tanhaai1:41 – Samay joins2:57 – Sagar bhai single hote hote bach gaye4:55 – Sagar ko khana mila? xD5:58 – Vaibhav's imitation of Sagar8:15 – Where is mother???11:47 – Best stream in one year12:02 Oooh self burn those are (not so) rare xD15:09 – Neon lights roasted xD16:21 – Twitch roast17:57 – Reminiscing pune18:38 – Yeh kya tha Sagar bhai? xD20:46 – Sagar Bhai's stand up22:03 – Sagar bhai roast/Ghoda disrespected23:31 – All comedian after some show24:30 – "Sagar bhai aur mai kamre me band hain"26:27 – Bughouse rules26:42 – "Sagar bhai kya chahiye?" "Mann ki shanti"29:16 – "Oooh"31:12 – "Darr toh subah laga tha"xD35:10 – "Yeh kya black aagaya fir se"35:40 – We don't believe this VD37:08 – Sagar explaining position37:55 – Best knight design award41:42 – Leap year kyu hota hai?43:57 – Cheater cheater cheater44:30 – GG!46:45 – Vidit 'Materialistic' aadmi 48:40 – Checkmate checkmate!50:39 – "Aare yeh iske ghode"51:21 – "Pawn ki aahuti"52:57 – Check pe check kha54:46 – Teknik xD56:37 – "Vidit sab kuch karega idhar" xD57:17 – Pawn h chota sa…58:00 – Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no no59:23 – Kuch do na Samay1:00:37 – Justice for Alpha zero1:01:27 – Aare Sagar bhai xD1:01:58 – Sagar bhai triggered1:02:32 – "Vaibhav kuch to dedo bhai" xD1:03:35 – Chess after party1:04:21 – Sagar bhai's quotes of the day1:05:00 – Sagar bhai's speech <31:06:54 – Good old days!1:09:16 – "Aur bhaii" 1:11:58 – Samay's streaming journey xD1:13:17 – Biswa yaar xD1:15:03 – Cheating OP xD1:16:47 – OMG!1:17:30 – Hands up!1:19:42 – F xD1:24:06 – Premove!1:28:54 – Wolfpack stream soon!1:29:54 – Samay is back!1:30:22 – Bbye! Thank you for making this year amazing VD! ❤️

  2. the way vidit drink from copper pot is like ancient king drinking jaam or madira😂😂

  3. Love Your Streams and Vlogs Always and Thanks a lot For Making our Last 1 Year Special

    I will always wish that you’ll be in good health and will continue Streaming and Vlogging.

    Hope to see you as A World Champion Vidit Bhai.

    Love From Kolkata.

  4. True VD is full of good sense of humour , the comedy roast , the chess games 1 years back , the joke ' Magnus nhi hara paa raha h abhi ' remembering samay's clickbait of defeating Anish giri , Vidit's expression on samay vs nihal that too in bullet 😂quite funny 😂Kahan se aata h itna confidence Bhai
    Samay and VD such a cutie guys ❤️❤️
    Those unplanned streams , these have become quite a memory . Memories of 4 player chess , biswas optimism ' agar vo insan no. 2 h toh hum bhi 4 player hai ' 😂😂
    It is really such a good journey , would really love to see VD becoming WC in future , you really showed how a person can be so successful and yet so down towards earth . Words of Sagar Shah is true that u are a gem 💎
    It was really a lovely stream ❤️❤️ VD op !!
    We love you VD ❤️ great 1 year and many more to go !!

  5. Samay ' s scam at usual at 1:09:48
    20 sec bullet matches pretty tough but VD knows how to flag at any point 😂
    1:17:04 VD ' bullet tournament Mai aap hi jeetoge' samay be like : bas jeet gaya mai aur nhi chahiye ab 😂
    1:18:00 planning for the next stream against botez sisters !! Exciting !!
    1:19:08 Oh my god samay !! Damn
    Lovely stream
    6 wins by VD + Vaibhav and 2 wins by samay + sagar ( Won the matches which can be quoted so all well that ends well )Lovely stream over all just loved four of you together in the frame ❤️

  6. Just want to say it again,
    Greedy VD,we love you 💝
    Keep up the great work 😎

  7. Vd u are one of the coolest gms i hv ever seen always trying out new things … Open to new ideas and formats its a total pleasure to see u ❤….Congrats on 1 yr anniversary hope to see u grow more and more… Nothing more just love and respect.. Cheers :)❤

  8. This one year has got a little better for so many people because of you all.❤️ Congrats VD. Keep growing 😊 You guys are awesome 🤘🏼

  9. Congratzzz VD for completing 1 yr of streaming…. and wish many more to come …🥳🥳
    This stream was amazing and nostalgic too… Pata hi nahi chala kab 1 saal beet gye….

    Love u VD ❤❤

  10. Congratulations VD for completing one year of streaming , many more to come ! You're gem of a person , so humble , always trying to interact with people by reacting to comments , chat , twts and other platforms ! Wishing you all the best for all the upcoming tournaments ! We love you VD❤️

  11. Earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete one revolution around sun , so after every 4 years that 6 hours becomes 24 hrs that is 1 day and it gets added in the year .Therefore there is leap year after every 4 years.

  12. Happy 1 year of YT live streaming 'debyut' ❤️😂
    You've not only entertained us but also motivated us. Thank you for all the streams!
    We love you❤️

  13. Unbelievable 😍one year down but many more to come❤. A big thank you Vd for the crazy streams the entire year❤🙏Heartiest congratulations🎉🎉🎉all the very best, loads of love ❤

  14. Happy first streamiversary VD❤…Looking forward to celebrating many more years this way!! Getting to knw such a humble human was the highlight of 2020 for me. Thanku for everything..

  15. Congratulations Vidit for 1 year of streaming🥳. It's been such a fun year watching your streams and getting to know you along with all the other chess players❤ Keep growing. We love you VD💓

  16. Full nostalgia ho gya.. What a stream , love it❤
    Everyone op and congratulations vd for completing 1 year.

  17. "Well begun is half done" and "All's well that ends well" beechka kuch matter nhi karta😂 1:04:21

  18. Timestamps: (Although you should watch the full stream)

    0:00– sleepy Samay 😛
    0:47– hello hello
    1:38– Samay reveal
    3:14– Amruta vs Samay bullet
    8:15– “Mother gone” 😂
    9:20– “humne ek hi yaad kia tha”
    11:50– 1 year nostalgia <3
    21:00– What happens if you date a chess player?
    22:10– Bomb joke 😛
    23:30– Justice for Vaibhav
    26:20– Shuru ho gaya, finally
    26:50Game 1
    29:40– legend, Samay op
    30:15Game 2
    31:50– Darr
    34:35– Naseeb chahiye, Naseeb
    35:10Game 3
    35:55– Aisi umeed mat do, nahi ayega standup
    37:58– Ghoda is respectable animal
    39:10Game 4
    42:11– Geography op
    45:00Game 5
    48:00– almost back rank xD
    49:00Game 6
    49:31– Sagar shah our superhero
    50:40– Ghode-
    51:50– shaana
    53:10– check kha
    54:03Game 7
    55:45– justice for Samay
    57:15– pawn hu chota sa
    58:00– oh no
    58:58Game 8
    1:00:45– h3
    1:01:50– rip ears and mic
    1:03:05– epic last game
    1:04:20– “beech ka koi quote nahi hai” Sagar OP
    1:05:10– everyone appreciating vd
    1:09:22– Reading superchats
    1:10:48– Samay and vd talking while setting obs
    1:14:19Samay vs vd, bullet
    1:19:45– Samay opp
    1:26:14– talking to chat
    1:29:55– The return of Samay

  19. Congratulations vd sir for completing 1 year of streaming ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️.
    And please never change yourself for anything we just love you the way you are . Aur ek saal toh kuch bhi nahi h abhi toh aur bhi epic streams karni h apko ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉. Take care 🙂

  20. Happy Stream-versary Vidit! What you did by starting to stream and making the chess world visible and accessible to all of us was nothing short of revolutionary. And this was the perfect one year celebration. If I was feeling so nostalgic and stupidly grinning throughout, can only imagine what you all feel. Too many favourite moments – teasing each other, Sagar getting frustrated and elated, Vaibhav being amazed my Vidit's skills, Vidit casually answering questions about Samay's stand-up. I love that Samay stayed back and you guys played. Those last few minutes have my heart. Congrats again, champ! Keep doing what you do. <3

  21. Congrats vd for one year . It has been such a wonderful time following u ur games and commentary . u are a multi talented personality it is also because of u we got introduced to many chess personalities . Also it would be fun to watch bughouse with Indian gems like Nihal arjun divya etc . Vd op for all the wonderful work u have done not only for chess but YouTube community .

  22. Bro u will surely become a world champion one day …..tab like Karna isko

  23. Congratulations VD…keep going ❤️❤️

  24. Congrats vd bhaiya….many more to come ❤❤

  25. Now also he is streaming 😂😂😂 sagar

  26. 𝘿𝙐𝙂𝙂𝘼𝙉 𝘽𝙊𝙎𝙎 says:

    Congrats for your one year streaming vidit bhai ❤️
    You always entertained all of us a lot
    Hoping to see you as india no.1 soon , ❤️ you bhai

  27. What were they talking about fight between Sagar and Amruta?

  28. Years have changed, but the result didn't 😂

  29. Congrats, Vidit for 1 year of amazing streams !! ❤️ Watching your streams and even sagar and Samay's made me enjoy chess and other things. It made me forget about this huge pandemic situation. Thanks so much Vidit for streaming regularlyand making us laugh so much.❤️

  30. Petition to get Vaibhav to add that Sagar Shah Mate in 3 joke to his stand up!

  31. 1 year of awesomeness and more to gooooooo!!!!!!!

  32. New setup has been amazing. Professional OP

  33. This 1 year is so much good for me just because of you guys❤

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