1 year streaming celebration with Samay, Sagar & Vaibhav. BUGHOUSE REMATCH

Celebrating 1-year streamvarsary with the OG Squad.

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  1. Bhut fun stream tha yaar maja aa gya
    Chess bhut kam age se aata tha lekin uss time cool nhi laga isliye jyada dhyaan nhi diya.
    Ab cool lagta hai lekin jyada time nhi hai improve krne ka.Entrance exam ki tayari kr rha hu.Pichhle 5 months me 700 se 1200 rating pahucha.Lekin aap log ke karan free time bs chess hi khelta ya dekhta hu.

  2. What an amazing year its been! Congrats on completing one year of streaming VD!❤️❤️❤️
    It's been a crazy ride discovering chess and having lots of fun along the way. Thank you for all you do for us!❤️

  3. Congratulations VD for completing one year of live stream on YouTube. We have seen a lot together. From those puzzle rush streams to early Titled Tuesdays. From four players chess to general podcast. Words wouldn't really suffice this journey. Thanks for everything ❤️

  4. Vd op, Love Watching ur streams….Vd Bhai Do streams where u teach chess to comedians

  5. Petition for new series called 'Improving Marriage'

  6. and it was in this position on time 22:06 Vaibhav sethia dropped a bomb and the panel re-signed the game as there is nothing more to be done here.

  7. vidit: mera sb stream ekdum saaf h ek saal se…to aaj me celebrate krega …… vaibhav : 22:15 …… not anymore 😌

  8. Congratulations VD on completing a successful year ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. 1:13:33 Khyrex was indeed a cheater and got banned 🚫 (people who watched vidit's previous stream know this)

  10. Vidit Gujarati you are the BEST!!
    Congratulations on completing 1 year. Many more to come. 🤩🥳🎉👏🏻
    Hope you become the world champion soon! Fingers crossed.🤞🏻
    Hope at heart ❤

  11. Sagar bhai doesn't want to go with Amruta not because he want to go with samay but because we'll he cannot stay away from work for 14 days so he wants to be away from work while creating content for 7 days with samay (atleast he will get to work) he is next level workhollic

  12. Thanks VD for all your hard work and hope this journey keeps on going ❤️❤️

  13. Remember me vidit gujrati sir I will defeat you in world chess tournment my rating is 1900 and I am a school champion I have a fide rating of 1698

  14. ye stream k baad josh me aake samay bhai ne Nihal ko 20seconds challenge kiya. fir dekho jaake kya hua 😂

  15. Would just like to THANK YOU for making this lockdown bearable and for giving us something to look forward to everyday ❤️ . Including all the highs and lows this was an incredible incredible journey and looking forward to cheer for you for all your upcoming tournaments. 💪🏻
    Congratulations on completing one amazing year of streaming 🙌🏻❤️

  16. “20 Seconds will be good today” – Nihals Grandson. 😂

  17. Sagar bhai alag hi zone mai at the start🤣😂

  18. Koi sense hi nhi is match ka it would be equal if there is another grandmaster against Vidit otherwise it will always be one sided there's no fun to watch such games

  19. Mate, the way you represent chess is unbelievable. Not only are you a stunning player, but you seem to be an absolute gem of a person. I think in these difficult covid times, even more than the chess skills it was heartening to see someone as humble and good natured as you sharing your thoughts with all of us. Upwards and onwards!

  20. We need one more stream. Vidit vs Alexandera blindfolded simul

  21. What a stream vidit bhai epic…. sagar sir ka roast har bar hi hota h

  22. I have never seen Sagar bhai this much fustrated 😂

  23. Vd you are the most coolest GM's ever. Congrats on 1year of streaming 🤍
    Hoping the best for you always. Wishing you the best for worldcup!✌️✌️

  24. Visit raided fleet and now fleet has more subs😂

  25. Vidit bhai : chess grandmaster
    Still middle class

  26. vidit: 20 sec is tough
    nihal: destroyed samay in 10 sec

  27. Thanks for this video😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  28. Congratulations to vidit for completing 1 year journey

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