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Hi, it’s Hamdi Mehri aka Hampovsky on Chess.com.
I am 26 and have played chess since I was 16 years old.
I collected a Twitch channel in the lens to share my gameplay and my tips so that you too can progress on Chess.com.
If you want to ask me questions, chat with me or just
watch what chess gameplay looks like, you’re welcome.
I also wait your constructive opinions so that I can improve my lives on Twitch.
Link from my Twitch channel:

Link for the Sub ♥ :

See you soon , Peace !


  1. Wow great games and enthusiastic commentary! Liked! I also make online chess videos and one of my recent videos is also beating a grandmaster, grandmaster Yasser! I would really appreciate if you check it out when you are free! 😀

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